Introducing call2CRM, the app that updates your CRM about a call straight from your mobile.

Make and take calls on your Android* phone as normal, call2CRM listens for the end call signal. A screen pops up asking if you want to add the call to your CRM*

The app will search your CRM to see if the number is recognized. If it is, it will bring up the person’s details.

You can add quick responses and free text notes about the call.*

Hit save a note will be recorded in your CRM against that person.*

If the number isn’t in your CRM, the app will create a new contact using information from your phone’s contact list, and create a task to remind you to add more details about the person.

You can tag personal numbers with just one click, so you aren’t prompted to add these calls.*

Simple, unobtrusive and easy to set up and use.

*Premium Feature

Download the free app from the Google Play Store and try the premium features for free for 10 days.

*sadly Apple’s terms and use of service prohibit apps from passing personal data (such as call details) to third parties, for the moment, an iOS version is not possible.

Free 10 day trial of premium features!

We think you’ll love the added functionality of our premium features, so we give them to you for free as soon as you download the app. You get to use the pro version for 10 days and then decide if you want to pay the one off upgrade.

The missing link solved

Gives your capsule crm more power so all calls are easily logged against your contacts. It’s not invasive, just sits in the background so after calls are made or received it asks you if you want to send to crm. personal calls easily ignored permanently. Links against contact Well and new contacts created if not recognised. a must have for capsule users



– Don, 2016


This drops my call records straight into capsule and colleagues can see if I have already returned a call or when I/we last spoke to a contact. The best thing is you can look back over your call history at the same time as your email history as it is all in capsule together



– James, 2016

Love This!

No idea how I survived before call2crm! Totally worth the upgrade to premium too – it’s a no-brainer.

– Derek, 2016

Overall outstanding!

This app is great…..i can look back not only on the call history but also my email history at the same time.

– Samuel, 2016

Effective and easy to use.

An incredibly effective way of keeping track of leads.

– Paul, 2016

capsule CRM screen shots

Improve your data quality and customer experience

Dialled a number from your phone’s address book that isn’t in your CRM?

call2CRM will add a new contact for you and create a task as a reminder to update the name from the default time and date if you haven’t got a name stored in your phone.

Customer communication isn’t just about email

Using call2CRM now means your CRM is more up to date and you are more effective.

Use premium features to quickly add notes

Use default actions to record if you connected, left a voicemail or didn’t get an answer.

Don’t spend time trying to remember who you spoke to or what about when you next add notes to your CRM.

No other app records inbound as well as outbound call activity

Download now for your free trial of premium features

Premium Features

Get the option to write free text notes about each call.

Be prompted whether you want to add the call details to your CRM (you might not want the boss know you had an hour long call with your wife!)

Be prompted to save your choice so it’s not asked again, i.e. never add details of calls to your wife to the CRM.

Due to significant changes in the way many CRM’s allow users to log on we’re temporarily withdrawing support for all but CapsuleCRM while we investigate changes to allow us to integrate.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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