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The app returns “Failed to search contact info” after I ask it to save a contact to my CRM

Usually one of four things could result in that result:

  1. Internet connection isn’t strong enough to reach the CRM database, search it and return a result
  2. Phone number is in a different format, i.e. +447978263639 vs 07978263639
  3. The number is duplicated in CRM, we often find it’s when we have a switchboard number against several individuals, see below for solution.
  4. The number in capsule is for a company not an individual, the search only runs against people, see below for solution.


If you need to have one number for multiple people in one organisation we suggest you create a Capsule contact called ‘Google Switchboard’ who works for the ‘Google’ organisation that way you always dial that number and it’s recorded against the person (switchboard) and the organisation.

We’re looking at how we can run the search against both people and organisations without impact on the performance of the app.