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We use Capsule CRM in our business and it’s invaluable, having all our contacts and processes in one place that we can all access remotely.

However, it doesn’t all happen by magic. We use certain tools to make sure we’re all fully utilise the software to the best of it’s ability.

OutlookWe’re corporate by training which means we use Outlook, on our desktop, like the good old days. None of this fancy cloud based Office 365 or Google Apps for us! We love Outlook and will never give it up but that’s fine as we use a little plugin from AbleBits to ensure all our email is BCC’d to the Capsule dropbox.

It’s an extension of the rules facility which means we can add criteria to what does or doesn’t get copied across. For me, it’s all my work emails but I exclude certain email address so we don’t clog up our business tool with emails to my wife about what our dinner plans are.

CRM searched, contact found, add some notesDo you want to add call details to the CRM?

CRM searched, contact found, add some notesDo you want to add call details to the CRM?

So that’s all the emails in one place, along with contacts and files. We developed call2CRM to emulate the email dropbox functionality by adding call details to the Capsule CRM. This has been invaluable to us as we didn’t realise quite how much of our business was conducted by phone, now we have a record of the calls made and received as well as the length and even free text notes about what was discussed.

As we also link social media accounts to some clients we’ve got the most up to date picture on our customer communications.

Within Capsule we also use the Cases functionality as a ‘to-do’ list. This is great as we have a complete picture of everything that needs doing, for me however I like a single view within Outlook so I use Zapier to notify me of new cases assigned to me by creating a task in my daily Todoist schedule, it’s all there in one, easy to see screen.

Zapier is great, it takes information from one system and processes it through another. In the past we’ve used Zapier to:

  • Connect Eventbrite to Capsule – when someone books on a course in Eventbrite Zapier creates a new contact in Capsule
  • Connect Wuforms on a website contact page to create a new contact in Capsule
  • Send new contacts created in Capsule to FreeAgent, our accounting software

It’s a really great tool for creating a seamless environment where all your data is in one place and you can work in the most efficient method.

Who benefits? You get more time to do the things you should and of course the customer experience is enhanced as you have all the information immediately to hand to deal with any query they might have.


Download call2CRM from the Play Store now for a free 10 day trial of our Pro features