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We’ve used Capsule CRM for a number of years now and wouldn’t be without it. There’s just three of us in the organisation and we have all our outbound emails copied to Capsule (using this plugin for our desktop Outlook) so have a detailed picture of our customer contact.

With all of us working remotely but dealing with the same accounts it would be impossible to stay on top of who said what to who without our access to Capsule.

Apres SkiThis week I’m on my own with the other guys on holiday. An important client needs some work doing asap but I haven’t been close to their account for a while, do I bother my colleague on the slopes or do I dig around in Capsule to find not only the email my colleague¬†sent last week but also the file attached to it that the client really needed but hadn’t realised they already had been sent?

Needless to say, the apres ski wasn’t interrupted, the client was happy and I’m left saying ‘phew’.

If you are remote working with a small team or employ a Virtual Assistant then think about how powerful it is to have all your client communication accessible in one place, I can’t recommend it enough.

It was to enhance the amount of information captured in Capsule that call2CRM was developed, no more do my colleagues speak to a client only to be told “Tim just called me” as they can see that I made the call, when it was, how long it was and any notes I’ve attached to it.

Capsule-Screenshot_notesLikewise, when a client is telling my colleagues that no one has tried to call him they can give him times, dates and whether a message was left and on what number.

We now have a complete picture of all our customer interaction which leads to a far greater level of customer service.

It’s powerful stuff.¬†

A CRM isn’t just for marketing, it can be the glue that holds your organisation together and enables you to presented a seamless experience to your customers, whatever your business.

Make sure you have a complete, clear picture of all your customer interactions. Get the applications mentioned by clicking the logo’s below.





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