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HatsRunning a small business or startup is tough, you have to wear every hat possible from IT to Finance, Customer Support to Sales & Marketing, it’s tough.

One of the key lessons we learned quickly is to invest in some basic tech to do some of the hard work for you and let you concentrate on what you are good at.

Lets face it, finances are dull, daunting and time consuming so invest now in a good cloud based system like Xero which makes managing your money easy.

Personally I can’t do without my to-do list and ToDoIst is the tool for me, syncs across devices, plug in for Outlook and easy to enter tasks – it’s what gets me through the day.

No matter what business you’re in, be it making something or delivering a service you will need to find, capture and retain customers and the key to that is communication. That’s everything from mass emailings to phone calls and social media posts. A good CRM is invaluable for this and you need to pick a good one and quickly.

If you want a socially connected CRM go for Nimble or Hubspot. If you want the daddy of them all then Salesforce is for you, Zoho offers hundreds of features and bolts ons and then there’s Capsule, our favourite. It’s simple, easy to customise, flexible pricing and just works.

We use a bcc tool for Outlook to ensure all our emails are copied into Capsule to give us a good history of who said what to whom and when but we realised we were missing a huge chunk of our customer contact as we weren’t capturing call data.

Most CRM apps allow you to dial a number from them and record the fact but who remembers to open an app to call a number? Not us! We’re always dialling from our contacts lists on our phone. The other downside is that the mobile apps don’t capture inbound calls.

Hence we built our app, call2CRM to give you a complete history of all your customer contact.

Don’t beat yourself up that you’ve got too much to do, you have but try and make it as easy for yourself as possible by letting some tech take the strain.



Download call2CRM from the Play Store now for a free 10 day trial of our Pro features