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In any business being organised is important, if you are running your own business its even more critical as you are performing every role, from sales,marketing and customer service through to finance and credit control so you need to stay on top of people, process and systems.

Network Marketing businesses are popular due to their flexibility the opportunity to create a strong business with a trusted product, the key is to build, maintain and develop your network of contacts, not just to convert them to customers but to educate them so that they become a sales team for you. From Arbonne skincare to Forever Living and the Utility Warehouse there are a lot of people leveraging their network to increase their sale opportunity.

An effective CRM that gathers all your customer communication in one place can be invaluable in building your business.

For example, you meet a new contact at a networking event, take their card and have a great discussion and you leave promising to follow up with them.

Open up your CRM and create a new contact for that person, fire off the promised email giving a little more information and promise to call in few days to follow up.

phone_appThis is where your CRM comes into its own, you set a task as a reminder and then make the call as promised but they don’t answer. If you’re using Capsule and call2CRM you use the quick action buttons to note that you left a voicemail.

When the contact calls back a few hours later and you’re on the road you have a great chat and arrange a date to meet up, when you end the call you quickly add some notes to call2CRM which get stored against that contact.

When you next log onto your CRM you can see at a glance what communication you’ve had with your contact through email and phone, it’s all tied together seamlessly.

You don’t have to log onto your CRM all the time, as long as key information is captured you can always access it whenever you need it.

Your can add notes about your contact and more importantly tag them so that you know they are a potential customer, a new client or someone in your organisation that you need to keep up with. Reports are easy to run to find all those client you haven’t been in touch with lately.

As a small business you carry a lot of information, names and numbers around in your head, you use email, social media and of course the phone to make sales calls, arrange meetings and follow up on leads so make sure you use the right tools to make your life easier.

capsule screenshots1call2CRM was created as we struggled to remember to makes notes about all client communications in our Capsule CRM, since we’ve been using call2CRM it’s improved the quality of communication both internally and with our customers.

Capsule CRM is a brilliant, web based system that’s easy to set up and use on a daily basis. If you click on any of the links and sign up for a Capsule account we get a small amount for referring you on to them.

Currently call2CRM is only available for Android phones.




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