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facebook_womanApparently it takes 21 days to create a new habit, or break an old one, which can be a long time, particularly if it’s something you do regularly on autopilot.

This is the problem we had originally with using the Capsule mobile app. When dialling a number we’d automatically go to our phones contact list, redial options or type a number directly into the handset, the habit was ingrained, we would never open the Capsule app to find the number so we would end up not recording the fact we’d made a call in our CRM.

This isn’t a Capsule problem, it’s the same with any CRM.

The habit of dialling from your phones native software is too ingrained for most of us.

On top of that most CRM apps don’t capture inbound calls so only half the story is told.

We also found that when we are out of the office and on our phone the chances of us updating our CRM when back in the office are low.

Don’t break the habit 

Do you want to add call details to the CRM?

Do you want to add call details to the CRM?

So we built call2CRM

It’s simple app that once set up sits in the background waiting for the end of a call, it then wakes up and checks the number dialled against the CRM and offers to save the time, duration of call and some text notes (premium version) to the CRM, there’s even a white list option to stop private calls getting stored.

If the number of the caller isn’t in the CRM the app will take the contact details from the phone or, if it’s just a number listed create a new contact called ‘new contact’ with a time and date stamp in the CRM. It will also trigger a task in the CRM for the user to check the new contact the next time they are on line.

The beauty of call2CRM is that it works for inbound as well as outbound calls.

The benefits

Since building and implementing the app in our business we’ve realised that a lot more of our business was phone based than we thought. Our data capture is now significantly better as we quickly record call topics straight after them meaning that remote workers always have access to the latest customer information, significantly increasing the customer experience.

Sadly an iOS version is currently parked due to the way in which Apple’s terms restrict the passing of call information to 3rd party sites but we’re confident that there are a lot of Android users out there who are benefiting from the app.

Currently we support:

  • Capsule
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • HighRise (from 20th July 2016)

Want to give it a try? It’s FREE to download and the upgrade to Premium Features is half price until August 2016.



Download call2CRM from the Play Store now for a free 10 day trial of our Pro features