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outlook-foldersDoes your Outlook folder list resemble the one to the right?

Have you got lots of nested folders to file away and store emails effectively?

Can you find that one email when you need it? Nope, didn’t think so!

That’s where a CRM comes in mega handy and we think Capsule is the simplest and easiest to set up.

Store emails against the people you sent them to, all of them. No more hunting around in the folders marked Steve, Bob and Jim because you forgot you actually sent it to John.

In a CRM all your emails are filed against each of those people and, here’s the great bit, against the company they work for. Better still, it’s searchable.

However there are some key steps you need to do first:

  1. Set up email forwarding to your CRM
    • If you use desktop Outlook then add the Auto BCC plugin which allows you to create a rule telling Outlook to copy all or some (leave personal emails out) messages to the Capsule Dropbox
    • If you use gmail then install the Auto BCC extension for Chrome
    • Best still, if you have exchange email then create transport rules to do it on the server, the main advantage of this is that every email, sent from any device is copied to the CRM.
  2. Always have the last word
    • Only sent emails are copied to your CRM so ensure that you acknowledge every email that’s important, even if it’s just a ‘thanks’ so that the details are stored away for you to access at a later point.

Now you know all your emails are copied to your CRM you can abandon that complex filing system and now know you can search by person, organisation or even keywords to find your emails.

If you want to ensure that you capture information on calls as well as emails then check out our call2CRM android app, it’s just like the Auto BCC for email but for phone calls!