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If you’re a Capsule CRM user then the ability to forward emails to the email dropbox is brilliant, all your comms in one place is great BUT you have to remember to copy the dropbox on every email or forward them at the end of the day, not great, let’s face it, we’re all busy people and forget.

There are three key ways of automating this depending on your email solution;

  1. If you use desktop Outlook then add the Auto BCC plugin which allows you to create a rule telling Outlook to copy all or some (leave personal emails out) messages to the Capsule Dropbox
  2. If you use gmail then install the Auto BCC extension for Chrome
  3. Best still, if you have exchange email then create transport rules to do it on the server, the main advantage of this is that every email, sent from any device is copied to the CRM.

And if you want to expand the data you capture to cover all communications with clients, peers and colleague then use our app, it’s like BCC for email but for phone calls.